WATCH: ‘People have this perception that my boobs are bigger than my brain’; Mocha Uson Bravely Answers Questions In An Inquirer Interview!

With the rise of President Rodrigo Duterte, blogger and TV personality Mocha Usonhas got the public’s attention for being one of the most vocal supporters of the President.
Because of this, Uson has been subjected to cyber-bullying, slut-shaming and many other forms of discrimination. However, in spite of all these experiences, Uson remained strong and brave as she continuously voiced out her advocacy.


In an interview with the Inquirer, Uson shared that one of her most memorable experiences with cyberbullying were when anti-Duterte supporters published false news of her being appointed as a consultant for the Bureau of Customs. She said no government position has been offered to her as she has no interest in entering politics.
She explained that what she is doing all of this out of the spirit of volunteerism. She elaborated that she does not need any government position to serve her fellow countrymen.


“I can serve through volunteering, volunteerism,” she explained. “Yun yung advocacy ko. Hindi mo naman kailangan ng government position to serve the country.”
Uson also mentioned that she was not as close to Duterte as her bashers think she is. In her interview, she said that they have only met twice or thrice.
Uson’s “DDS” (Die-hard Duterte Supporter, a play on Davao Death Squad, for which the President has been hit) was based on her researches that Davao, former city of then Mayor Duterte, has no stain of corruption and the president really has a track record that can proudly stand on its own.


In addition, she also said that the system has to adjust to having a “very radical” president and his critics should “give him a chance”.
When asked if she has received death threats, she said that she in fact receives them, saying her family is worried about her safety.
She also shared that her ultimate dream is for the country to be peaceful and for the critics and opposition to accept the President.
On a more personal note, she was also asked what was the worst thing she heard about herself and how she reacted to it. She recalled the #DutertePleaseAppointMe campaign which went viral on the internet. She said that the campaign exposed her to negative remarks from some of the netizens. As a response, she said she always puts herself in an NR (no reaction) mode.

Mocha answered more questions regarding herself and her political stance in the complete video of her interview below: