Vina Morales Had A Wardrobe Issue With Her Silver Dress While In Concert: ‘Nahuhubaran yata ako dito’

Actress Vina Morales experienced a wardrobe problem while on stage during her concert at KIA theater titled Vina @30.


Vina was about to start her performance with Daniel Padilla when something happened to her gown. She tried to fix her silver gown but unfortunately she was unable to fix it, saying “Naku, nahuhubaran yata ako dito.”


Daniel was shocked and said, “Huwag.”
Vina Morales Had A Wardrobe Issue While In Concert: "Nahuhubaran yata ako dito"

Vina looked at the backstage and said, “Natanggal ang pang-ipit.”

Daniel exclaimed, “Oh no!”
Vina apologized to her audience and excused herself for a minute to fix her gown and said, “Excuse me, sandali lang,” then Daniel escorted her to the backstage.
Robin’s ex-girlfriend said, “Ayaw ng uncle mo na makitaan ako dito.”


She made a request to Kathryn’s leading man saying, “Pwede kumanta na lang si Daniel Padilla?”
While Vina is on backstage, she started singing, “O giliw ko…” then Daniel also sang the song ‘Miss na Miss Kita.’


When Vina finally fixed her gown, she told Daniel,  “Bawal daw [makitaan]. Baka magagalit ang iyong uncle.”
Daniel Padilla is one of Vina’s guests in her celebration for being 30 years in the industry.
Vina Morales Had A Wardrobe Issue While In Concert: 'Nahuhubaran yata ako dito'