This Guy Tried To Impress The Judges With His Skill But They All Screamed When This Happened! Shocking!

Are you tired of the usual sing and dance acts seen on TV? ¬†Well, this guy’s extraordinary talent is definitely not your regular act!
In NTV7 channel, a talent competition featured a contestant with a “twisted” talent — making every parts of his body literally twist from side to side.


At first, people were applauding him for twisting his arms, a strange feat for a human but somewhat already commonplace.
But he had something else in store for the audience. Their jaws dropped in colective awe when he twisted his head like screw. And for him, it was just a piece of cake!


And the audience thought the stunt was done when the contestant got the applause but they were wrong.
When he exited the stage, he, again, twisted his hand while retreating to the backstage, horrifying and exciting the audience once more.


Stan Lee should definitely meet this guy for his next comic book!