SHOCKING: Billy Crawford walked out of It’s Showtime after his unexpected kiss with Ryan Bang! WHY? WATCH THIS!

In every anniversary celebration of It’s Showtime, the hosts and the members of It’s Showtime family are being tasked to make an explosive performance for the Madlang Pipol. They are tasked to entertain the viewers in their anniversary special.


Now, the first group to perform was Billy and Ryan Bang’s group. Ryan said that due to Billy’s lack of time for their rehearsals because of his busy schedule and his trip to Hong Kong, they ended up with an impromptu act.


But what literally left everyone in shock was the controversial kiss between Ryan Bangand Billy Crawford during their performance.


A few moments later, the viewers were in shock because Billy got mad and decided to leave his partner Ryan Bang. Ryan Bang chased Billy and he even ended up in EDSA. To their surprise, Billy Crawford suddenly appeared on the stage and started performing.


But what shocked the viewers even more is the special appearance of Piolo Pascual!
Despite having such ‘impromptu’ act, the viewers still enjoyed what they’ve just watched!