Netizen: ‘Ipagtabi niyo po sana ng pang-ChickenJoy si Agot Isidro’, After Duterte’s Acquisition Of Foreign Investments

Earlier this month, actress Agot Isidro got slammed by netizens after she criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision about the country’s foreign relations, calling him a “psychopath”. The 50-year old actress expressed her fears of the possible propagation of poverty and hunger if a third-world country like the Philippines would break ties with a powerful nation such as the United States.


Isidro’s remarks sparked different reactions from netizens as her controversial claims spread online for weeks. The issue may have already died out but not for some netizens. A post from the Thinking Pinoy Facebook page went viral instantly as it pleaded for President Duterte to save some budget for Agot Isidro’s “Chicken Joy” treat.


The netizen was referring to the massive amount of investments China and Japan already offered the Philippines. President Duterte reportedly received a total of $29 Billion worth of investments from the two powerful Asian nations. The investment was a product of Duterte’s 3-day diplomatic visits with the two neighboring countries.


Due to the amount of money coming into the Philippines, the netizen sarcastically asked Pres. Duterte not to let Isidro starve.
“Daddy D, ipagtabi niyo po sana ng pan-ChickenJoy si Agot Isidro. Sa ngalan ng pag-ibig at katarungan, huwag na huwag ninyo siyang gutumin!” the netizen wrote.


The simple Facebook post garnered 7.6K reactions and 1k shares within its first hour on social media. Other netizens also expressed their agreement with the post through the comments section.


Netizen: 'Ipagtabi niyo po sana ng pang-ChickenJoy si Agot Isidro', After Duterte’s Acquisition Of Foreign Investments