Meet ‘Sexiest Hacker’ Who Hides Portable Hacking Kit In Platform

Hackers have undergone dramatic transformations in terms of looks, real or reel.
A Chinese engineer, SexyCyborg as she is known, lives in Shenzen, China. She claims she could distract security guards with her ‘upper body’ before sneaking inside to deliver the killer blow.


SexyCyborg was inspired by the realistic hacking methods seen in the show. She has come up with a way to hide hi-tech hacking technology somewhere in her outfit.
 Inspired by the hacking methods featured in the U.S. series Mr. Robot, she decided to use her female assets in such a way that she can infiltrate a corporate facility, you know, like a spy. She designed her shoes in such a way that it can hide all the tools she will need for this type of mission.


She’s called them Wu Ying Shoes (which means ‘shadowless’), after local folk hero Wong Fei-hung, a crafty fighter who would distract opponents with upper body attacks before sweeping them out from under themselves with a ‘shadowless kick’.
Take a close look at her shoes, each equipped with a secret drawer that contains all the tools she will need to access and extract information from a company network.