A nervous girl pulled of a wonderful performance on the stage. But after hearing the judges’ reactions, THIS happens!

In the X Factor UK 2016 Chair Challenge, Simon Cowell was once again given a hard decision, it is to fill all six slots to name the final contestants!
When the time that the 16-year-old girl named Olivia Garcia was set to perform, all six chairs had already been filled.


It was obvious that she’s nervous and that her voice was breaking as she introduced herself, but then, she still said that she’s hoping to make Simon proud.



She started singing and the moment she hit the first note, it was already obvious that her voice is mesmerizing! The crowd couldn’t stop screaming and cheering for her!


By that, Simon knew that he’d have to make a tough decision.
In the end, everyone loved her performance, she even got a standing ovation, as per Simon COwell, he was impressed making Olicia Garcia take the chair of Luena Martinez!